Keynote Speaking

"A great performance! Thank you for your fabulous presentation on Work and the Human Spirit. You really got positive energy flowing. How did you get a 5+ rating when the top rating is 5?"

Executive Director, Bankers Association

New Ideas Open New Possibilities
Inspiration creates openings for action. We understand that the function of a keynote speech is ultimately to uplift, to intrigue and to inspire to action - and that is what we deliver.

"This keynote presentation had so much depth and it was so easy to understand. I took immediate action on just two of the ideas presented, increasing sales $100,000 per month while simultaneously freeing up my time!"
- President & CEO, IT Support Services Company

       Sample Topics
The Quest for Inspirational Leadership - Capture their hearts, the mind and body will follow!
The Role of The Leader - Speaking new realities into existence
Conflict: Creative Catalyst for Change - Don't diffuse it, use it!
Powerful Communication - The intricate dance in which the listener leads.
How Work Really Gets Done - Harnessing the power of your real organizational chart, the Invisible Relationship Infrastructure (IRI).
Work and the Human Spirit - How to nurture the corporate soul without killing your own.
Global Integrity Leadership - Doing well while doing good; the new leadership imperative