Meet the Staff
Our Core Staff
Mark Yeoell: Founder and Chief Strategy Officer - Growing up in Malaysia, Nigeria, Morocco, England and traveling widely as an adult, Mark has been blessed to see and experience some of the best and the worst that the world has to offer. Passionate about supporting the evolution of his own and others consciousness, founding GILG is a natural extension of that inner work. Mark has over 35 years of hands-on experience as a leader, manager, and corporate executive. He excels in helping make bridges between our inner and outer worlds, between our intentions and our desired outcomes. Mark holds a red belt in Tae Kwon Do, is a poet and a pragmatist who loves to fly RC model airplanes. Kathryn is his bride of 32 years and he delights with her in their teenage son, Sean.

Ingrid Richter: Ingrid is a tri-lingual International consultant focusing on change management, organizational learning, and developing communities of practice among leaders. Ingrid provides clients with wise and impactful counsel. She has been a key member of an international, cross-cultural team designing, facilitating and nurturing the growth of the OD profession in Ghana. She spent a number of years in the Canadian criminal justice sector as a senior manager and consultant and her clients include all levels of the Canadian government, as well as clients in business, non-profit and health care in the U.S., Germany and the UK.

Tricia Karpfen: Tricia has been delivering group training and individual coaching for personal and professional development since 1976. Rooted in a deep personal commitment to live a centered life and incorporating themes of soulful living and destiny in all her work, Tricia is known for her effective listening skills, ability to reflect back others' innermost voices, and a no-nonsense self-honesty and authenticity as a trainer, consultant and coach.

Ron Serrano: Ron has had a stellar career as a strategic consultant and as a senior executive in the telecommunications industry. As Group President in Southern New England Telecommunications [SNET] he was responsible for growing the company's retail operations. Earlier as SNET's Senior VP of Corporate Development, Ron was responsible for the company's new strategic direction, which was featured in Fortune magazine. Before joining SNET, Ron was a partner with Mercer Management Consulting. He led engagements to develop business strategies in a broad range of industries including oil, health care and financial services. He was also a founder and leader of the firms' worldwide telecommunications practice. Since retiring from SNET, Ron has continued to serve on company boards and is much sought after for his strategic abilities and insights.